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22 abril 2020

Santos & Seixo Wines solidifies its presence in the Douro region

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"This was an opportunity that we couldn't miss, because we were well aware of the quality of the Wine from this Estate. With this investment we expect to reach new levels of quality and gain the capacity to quickly respond to the current growth of the company and the opportunities ahead." - Pedro Seixo Managing Partner
Continuing its growth and with the goal in mind of its Founders  to develop and make of Santos & Seixo Wines a differentiating, innovative family wine company capable of imposing its wines in the National and International market, it took the lead by acquiring another property in the Douro region, Baixo-Corgo Sub-region, Quinta do Outeiro.  
 Completing a total of 25 ha of continuous vineyard, Quinta do Outeiro has a new cellar with the capacity for 300,000ltr of vinification. 
Santos & Seixo Wines  with this acquisition adds a total of 65ha of vineyard, solidifying its presence in the region.
The Winemaker in charge of the project will be Luciano Madureira, who has vast knowledge of the Douro vineyards and continues to translate his passion for the terroir in each wine that is produced. 
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