Salmon Ceviche

01 Jul 16
Fish Stock
- Fish bones
- 1 onion
- 1 celery stalk
- 1 clove garlic
- ½ chilli
- 4 cups of water
"Leche de Tigre"
- lime (lime juice)
Salmon Ceviche
- 2 loins of salmon cut into cubes
- coriander
- 2 red onions (thin julienne)
- 1 red chilli
- Green sleeve to the cubes
- Flower of salt q.b.
- fresh ginger q.s.
- 1 c. Olive oil soup
- fried corn q.b.


Fish Stock
1 º Place all the ingredients in a low heat and allow to rinse for at least 1 - 2 hours
"Leche de Tigre"
2 º Add in a glass, lime juice and fish stock in equal proportion
Salmon Ceviche
3 º Cut the salmon (without skin and without pimples) to the cubes.
4 º Place in a bowl the raw salmon, grated ginger, the rolled purple onion and the chili cut into the cubes.
Add the "Leche de Tigre".
6 Temper with a flower of salt and a strand of olive oil.
7 º Add the mango to the cubes and the fried corn.
8 º Serve with coriander leaves chopped coarsely.

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